Building enterprise capability

An industry-wide culture and capability for innovation will help ensure that the red meat industry is positioned to meet consumer and market demands, capture new opportunities, enhance efficiencies as well as improve competitiveness and sustainability. 

The growing complexity within enterprises places increased pressure on their ability to: 

  • accelerate the adoption of new technologies and systems
  • embed a more strategic approach to developing innovation systems
  • derive greater impact from their investments in innovation 

Building the skills and capabilities of enterprises throughout the value chain is therefore essential to sustain productivity and competitive advantage.

Enterprise innovation capability is defined as the underlying capacities that enable a firm to be innovative on a sustained basis, rather than producing one-off product innovations from time to time.

To assist companies in improving their innovation capability, AMPC and MLA focus on a range of activities including:

  • forming partnerships with individual enterprises to facilitate the implementation of sophisticated innovation strategies and accelerate the development of an innovation culture within the industry
  • providing a range of innovation tools to build capability at the enterprise level
  • identification and facilitation of innovation diagnostics to benchmark the performance of innovation systems

These initiatives are currently delivered through the Collaborative Innovation Strategy Program and the Innovation Managers Network.

For further information

For further information, please contact:

Rod Coogan

Manager - Innovation Capability

Phone: 02 9463 9333


Meat & Livestock Australia acknowledge the matching funds provided by the Australian govenrment and contributions from the Australian Meat Processor Corporation to support it's research and development portfolio.