Scholarship program

AMPC and MLA support a number of different scholarships to develop highly skilled young people with skills of benefit to the Australian red meat industry.

  • Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

The Australian Rural Leadership Foundation was established in 1992 to respond to emerging challenges for rural, regional and remote Australia. It exists to create a network of leaders with compassion and commitment, strategic thinking and negotiating skills, and the foresight to influence communities, industries, businesses and policy makers.

MLA and AMPC sponsor participants on this program.

  • AMPC/MLA Postgraduate Research Scholarships

AMPC and MLA are establishing a scholarship program for postgraduate study commencing in 2011-12. There are two methods of application by students.

Application via a recognised University 

These projects will be promoted from the MLA/AMPC research and development portfolio each year and candidates can apply, for post-graduate stipends supported by their University/College.

Each year MLA and AMPC will develop a number of research projects which will be advertised to universities.

Direct application to AMPC and MLA

Candidates are invited to submit applications for research projects they have identified directly to AMPC or MLA.

All proposals will be assessed on their merits and relevance to the Australian red meat industry. Other factors that will be considered are the relationships between the proposed project and the AMPC and MLA strategic plans.

AMPC and MLA will work with successful students to identify a suitable supervisor and tertiary institution to progress the scholarship if required.

Qualifications that may be supported

  • Postgraduate Diploma or Masters courses

Maximum duration of two years.

Masters degrees may be by research or coursework.

  • Research fellowships for PhD qualifications 

Maximum duration of three years.

  • Post-doctoral positions

These are only supported as part of the existing MLA/AMPC portfolio where projects involve a recognised University and/or CSIRO

AMPC and MLA are currently finalising the post graduate scholarship program and more information will be available in late 2012. 

For further information contact:

MLA Innovation Development Manager People

Phone: 02 9463 9333