Food safety

Food safety research and development is part of SAFEMEAT, the food safety partnership between the meat industry and government with the primary role of ensuring delivery of safe and hygienic red meat products to the marketplace.

AMPC and MLA have in place a major co-ordinated program to improve understanding of foodborne hazards, evaluate and validate control procedures and safety practices, as well as assist industry with adoption of new technologies and processes.

This food safety program is designed to develop a sound scientific basis for food safety management, emphasising microbiological risk management. Identifying knowledge gaps in food safety risks along the farm-to-fork supply chain and then conducting research is vital in improving understanding of foodborne hazards and maintaining the industry’s reputation for safe, healthy products.

The approaches taken by the program are based on sound science, risk assessment and new management strategies. Better scientific understanding provides a basis for the development of cost effective new technologies and processes to boost product integrity and reduce production costs.

By helping the industry build its expertise in relation to red meat food safety issues, MLA can help ensure the sustainability of the industry and assist companies right along the supply chain to profit from implementing new, scientifically proven technologies.

2010-11 Food safety program achievement report

2009-10 Food safety program achievement report

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Meat & Livestock Australia acknowledge the matching funds provided by the Australian govenrment and contributions from the Australian Meat Processor Corporation to support it's research and development portfolio.