Food safety for consumers

Welcome to the Meat & Livestock Australia Food Safety education pages.

Food Quality and Safety are critical to consumers and form an integral part of any food industry programs. Consumer education has also been identified as a key element since consumers too must play a role in maintaining food safety throughout the food chain.

These pages are designed to present an overview of all the key food safety issues. It incorporates both internal and external links to provide the inquisitive with access to more detailed information on specific issues as required.

  • foodborne illness
  • food safety tips and practive
  • the bug bible
  • industry information
  • food poisoning

Food safety brochures

Food safety is all about prevention. Most food poisonings occur as a result of mishandling food - keeping it at the wrong temperature, cross contamination, and incorrect reheating. Bad practices allow bacteria to either survive or thrive. To ensure that you are practicing food safety, take a look at the following information. The important point is to treat all foods with care.

  • Food safety in the home

How much do you know about safe food preparation in the home? Tips on storage, thawing, handling, cooking, reheating and cleaning are covered as well as safe barbecuing and microwaving.

Download the Food safety in the home brochure.

  • Food safety in the outdoors 

Our great Australian climate is ideal for eating outdoors. But the warmer temperatures can create some problems with the safety of food. So if a summer barbecue, picnic or camping excursion is one of your favourite pastimes, take a look here.

There is also information on what foods are safe to prepare for lunches.

Download the Food safety in the outdoors brochure.

  • Food safety when buying food

Do you ever think that your supermarket or retail outlet should be responsible for the safety of your food? Well, there are things you can also do to ensure that the product you purchase is safe. Information covered includes use-by dates, refrigeration load limits, and packaging.

How do you know if the prepared food you purchase when eating out is safe? Here we also present some hints on what to look for when walking into a food premises. How should your food be presented and cooked? Here are some tips for bought lunches.

Download the Food safety when buying food brochure.

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