Picking and packing

In a number of industries picking and packing machinery is used to load product into packaging, cartons and onto pallets. In many industries product is of a uniform shape and size with cartons and packing processes able to be designed accordingly.

The Australian red meat industry however, works with highly variable product and offers a wide variety of product options adding complexity to the picking and packing process.

Packaging options for meat product include:

  • modified atmosphere packaging
  • vacuum packing
  • shrink wrapping

Optimisation and automation of picking and packing procedures has the potential to provide the industry with a number of benefits including:

  • labour savings
  • real-time monitoring of daily targets allowing delays to be addressed early
  • enhanced product traceability
  • increased ability to deliver according to customer packaging configurations and requriements

Picking and packing technologies under investigation for the Australian red meat industry include:

  • high speed robotics
  • programmable logic controllers
  • software integration with enterprise databases