MLA Insights2Innovation Workshops

MLA works with red meat industry partners to develop innovative value-adding, new product development, business models and supply chain designs which ensure maximum value is captured for the red meat industry.

The Insights2Innovation program has been developed to ensure the Australian red meat industry is well positioned to take advantage of the significant growth opportunities envisaged for Australia’s agribusiness sector in the first half of the 21st century.  MLA’s Global Insights Program  works with industry partners to develop targeted innovation strategies for each of the key emerging markets and market segments that have been identified as presenting the most substantial opportunities to create and capture additional value.  The Global Insights Program has identified and quantified the opportunities in each market and market segment that are likely to deliver the highest potential for growth and increased value for the Australian red meat industry over the coming decade.  Targeted and comprehensive Global Innovation Strategies have also been developed to address key issues and opportunities for specific industry segments (eg Northern Beef Industry) and to address specific market opportunities (eg Active Ageing).

These strategies will be communicated and developed further at times as part of the MLA Insights2Innovation Workshop series.