New red meat products

The opportunity exists for the Australian red meat industry to increase profitability by increasing the range of value added red meat products available.

Improving the methods of preparing and cooking traditionally lower value secondary cuts provides an opportunity for the Australian red meat industry to deliver innovative new red products whilse also increaing the value of the whole carcase.  There is potential for new red meat products in a number of markets, both domestically and internationally. These include:

  • quick service restaurants
  • ready to eat meals
  • snacks
  • airline catering
  • retail 

A 2006 study* of consumer attitudes to value added red meat products determined that Australian consumers would increase their consumption of red meat by $1 billion per year at retail if a range of red meat producst that met their requirements was available. Consumers are also willing to pay more for products that meet their requirements, including:

  • convenience
  • enjoyable eating experience
  • represent value for money
  • nutritious

Both technology, market scanning and the development of capability within the industry, including butchers and food service, to prepare products for market are required to maximise the benefit of value adding.

AMPC and MLA work with the Australian red meat industry to identify opportunities for traditionally lower value - secondary - cuts to maximise carcase utilisation and create demand.